Alana Huxtable

I’m Alana Huxtable and I inspire people to rise above the challenges of life to shine bright and be happy. My burning personal desire to defiantly rise above extreme life challenges including toxic people, tragedy and adversity, which have tested me to my core, fuels my continual growth as a person and my powerful desire to help others rise above life’s challenges. I’m the ultimate Survivor, Thriver, and Achiever. On the one hand, my life has been one of overwhelming love, joy, pride, achievement and purpose, while on the other hand, one of survival against the worst: shocking tragedy and loss, life-threatening illness, and the senseless toxicity of narcissistic people who have tried everything to destroy my life.

I have mastered a steely determination to always prevail, and use my inspirational content and life story to inspire and support so many others who want to be strong and happy no matter what comes their way. I interview the world’s most well-known and inspiring people, which serves to uplift, inspire and show people that they are in control of their life, and can conquer anything.

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I help others not only deal with challenges, stress & problems, but I show them how to flip these negative experiences to give them strength, power and happiness.


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