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I help people to survive and rise above the challenges of life to shine bright and be happy.  As a resilience leader and degree qualified writer, I have a passion for inspiring, uplifting and helping others through my books but also through my music as a vocalist and pianist. I have also interviewed the world’s most well-known and inspiring people including Olympians, TV stars and internationally renowned singers and recording artists, who share their own powerful life stories and strategies for overcoming challenges and struggle to ultimately triumph.

My life is so unbelievable that it could be a movie. While I have experienced overwhelming love, joy, achievement and purpose, I've also been challenged to my core by traumas including family tragedy, smear campaigns, collective scapegoating, Meningococcal Disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Remarkably, I survived it all while retaining my spirit, self-belief and sense of humor. I also run 9km per day. There's no middle ground or mediocrity in my world. I've been given the ultimatum to either die or fly, so I choose the latter.

I Help You With Life's Challenges

I help others not only deal with challenges, stress & problems, but I show them how to flip these negative experiences to give them strength, power and happiness. Most people only address the mental and physical consequences of life's difficulties when they let them build up psychologically and emotionally and end up with anxiety or depression. When they do this, they're taking a reactive approach to life, which can lead to expensive therapy and medications - all of which can be avoided when armed with the right mindset, information, tools and mentor to survive and thrive beyond just about anything. I know the formula to help others overcome life's difficult people, problems, challenges,  and adversities to live a high quality life regardless of their circumstances.
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  • "Alana is resilient, determined and a great person."
    Anthony Field, The Wiggles
  • "I love Alana's strength of character as a human but also her compassion."
    Julie McDonald OAM, Olympic Bronze Medalist 
  • "Alana is a strong, spirited and beautiful human being."
    Kamahl, World Famous Singer & Recording Artist
  • "Alana asks GREAT questions & is genuine about helping others."
    Steve Moneghetti, Olympian Marathon Runner
  • "Alana's story is SO inspirational! I loved chatting & sharing my personal story."
    Katy Colins, Not Wed Or Dead & Bestselling Author
  • "Alana is brilliant and inspiring! It's great how she lifts others up."
    Julia Baker - Snake Sheila, Global Reality TV Star

Survive & Thrive Beyond Life's Drama

Strength & Power
Feel unlimited strength and power to control your life.
Inspiration & Self-Help
Enjoy daily inspiration from my words and music.
Happy & Resilient
I've helped thousands to become happier, resilient & positive through my powerful life suggestions.
Survive & Thrive
I share the mindset, attitude and resilience hacks for you to overcome anything in your life.
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My Powerful Heritage

My maternal family roots lie in the heart of Port Adelaide. I come from a big extended family of Port Adelaide Football club supporters and members going back four generations. Port Adelaide Football Club is the most successful football club in Australia. 

When my maternal grandmother chose me as the one person in her large family of seven children and twelve grandchildren that she wanted to personally and exclusively bequeath her "personal footprint" to - a time capsule of Port Adelaide Football Club memorabilia of a bygone era - it firmly rooted my self-belief and identity as a winner - just like her - but also felt like huge shoes to fill given all that she survived in her life as she raised 7 children alone in an era that granted few rights for women...
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