6 Dynamite Comebacks to Verbal Abuse

By dfg dfgJanuary 13, 2024

We all have experienced those people who spew venom... but it's a whole other level when it's unprovoked. Yep... I've been there and it comes down to their own personal issues and insecurities. We want to avoid people who do this, because it isn't particularly pleasant is it? Maybe they're trying to get power over you... (well that failed). Perhaps they're trying to show they're strong (well that's just downright laughable).

Whatever their motivations are, we have no choice in the matter when it happens. We just happen to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, somehow stuck in this moment with the wrong person. They like to press your buttons, and poke you until you crack... but what if you don't? What if you spin it around back to where it belongs, with the toxic person themselves? How do we keep them at bay and make it out alive? Grab a mirror and get ready to hold it up to your nemesis because here are 6 dynamite comebacks to their toxic verbal abuse.

1. “Are you talking to me?” Of course they are, but confront them and put them on the spot anyway. I do - I can't help myself.

2. "Well...that was unexpected." Just pointing out the obvious and saying what you're thinking!

3. Ignore them. Silence is golden. Their ego will not know what is going on, and they will likely feel disturbed.

4. “I hope you feel better soon.” It's genuine... you're being empathetic to the next person who crosses their path!

5. “You must be having a bad day.” Here you are being gracious to them, putting yourself in their position but also pointing out the blatantly obvious. They won’t know what to make of it.

6. “I will not stoop to your level.” God no. That would be your worst nightmare. Well, it's mine at least. Let them know you are annoyed, but don’t lose your cool.  If you do, they will only try harder to unearth you because they want attention and a reaction.

All the best! XX


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