Alana Huxtable

I’m Alana Huxtable, a public figure, self-empowerment trainer, Meningitis survivor, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Conqueror, athlete, happiness facilitator and brand ambassador.

Having survived several adversities in my life – including life-threatening Meningitis that struck suddenly on a flight at 30,000 feet and the debilitating chronic fatigue syndrome that ensued  – I acquired a stubborn defiance and steely determination to prevail and be happy. Despite extreme resistance that included post-exertional ‘crashes’, I kept persisting to get myself healthy and energised again and years later, I’m proud to say that I’ve outsmarted Chronic Fatigue and run 8km each day.

This isn’t the first time I’ve made a determined “comeback”. I share the difficult life experiences that have challenged me to my core, and the knowledge and wisdom I’ve acquired to inspire, educate and facilitate strength and happiness for thousands of others.

I’m living proof that you CAN change your fate and that there is a burning inner power within every one of us that can be drawn upon at any time. Sometimes you just have to force action in the direction you want your life to go – even when you’re being met with resistance.

As a self-empowerment trainer and happiness facilitator, I educate and encourage thousands of others to not only survive – but to thrive – when faced with challenges and adversity. I also realise all too well that life is short, and that you should enjoy life NOW because happiness is important to your health, well-being and mindset. This profound clarity is the motivation for my recommendations, endorsements, giveaways and self-help content.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve experienced adversity or not; everyone deserves to attain happiness and confidence no matter what has happened in their life.

With more people joining every day, the AH Community is a source of excitement, connection, positivity and encouragement on your self-empowerment journey. Join me and the thousands of other people benefiting from my strength, power and happiness to make your own happiness goals a reality!