Alana’s Affirmations Guide Unlimited Strength & Happiness


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As many of you know, no matter what you do right, you can’t seem to escape life’s challenges and adversities. They affect everyone in varying degrees and at different times in life; and when you don’t expect them, it can be difficult to know how to respond in any other way, other than with sadness, hurt, anger or distress. It can also be hard to ‘bounce back’ after challenges and adversity, so if this sounds like you, this is one of the many ways that I help. My Affirmations Guide details my most powerful affirmations and how to overcome adversity, defy depression and access your inner power. I demonstrate the importance of REWIRING your mind and ALTERING your inner voice and beliefs for your ultimate benefit. I also outline the best way to break old patterns and start experiencing life with fresh eyes. This guide is presented with images and text as a powerful visual help guide that will change your life forever.

A common misconception is that you will always be able to ‘handle it’ no matter how unbalanced your life is, and how exhausting and stressful things are. People also think that they can ‘handle’ toxic people in their lives, or continue to subject themselves to stressful and exhausting situations. However, what many fail to realise, is that they are not invincible. In this book, I provide the mindset tools to empower you to avoid the mistakes that many make and regret, in response to ‘self-deprivation’, challenges and adversities that arise on their life journeys. You can easily survive if you look after yourself right, and I want to help people understand there are actions that they can take individually, as proactive measures to survive toxic people, challenging situations, and adversity. There are various approaches that you can take to take control of your life and make it a very happy one. The life you lead beyond the challenges and adversity, is heavily impacted by the actions and attitude you demonstrate during and following such times.

To help people understand this and survive these times of challenge, heartbreak and adversity, I have written a book called Alana’s Affirmations Guide – Unlimited Strength & Happiness. This online publication is a highly motivational and empowering guide that enables you to make real and practical adjustments in your life to not only survive – but thrive – during and following times of challenge and adversity.


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