For Strength, Power and Happiness

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$19.99 AUD on monthly plan

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$119.94 AUD on yearly plan

For Strength, Power and Happiness

$0.66 AUD per day

$19.99 AUD on monthly plan

$0.33 AUD per day

$119.94 AUD on yearly plan

With a Great Mindset


Sure, it can be hard to keep happy and positive in the face of troubling times; but trust me – it CAN be done. With the right mindset, MAGIC HAPPENS; you CAN turn things around no matter what you’re up against. The great news is that I help thousands of people by uplifting and inspiring them to love life – even in challenging times.

I share my Mindset Mastery through engaging and useful content to help support, encourage and coach people to survive and thrive when faced with any challenge!

Once you join, you’ll very quickly benefit from:

  • Greater Positivity and Calm
  • Powerful Emotional Support
  • Greater Optimism and Happiness
  • Learned Resilience
  • More Laughter
  • Happy New Memories
  • Online Community Connection

With the right mindset, you can overcome anything...

While on a flight at 30,000 feet in early 2017, I suddenly had a medical emergency that I later learned was Meningitis.

Trapped in an aircraft and unable to seek medical attention for hours, it was a harrowing experience; I didn’t know what was happening to me, but it felt as though something was seriously wrong. It was the worst illness I’d ever encountered. It was the worst migraine I’d ever withstood.

After touching down, I could barely walk or talk and felt like I was going to collapse. Little did I know that this dreadful experience was the beginning of a major life adversity that would take me years to recover from. It was one of the most difficult and challenging times of my life which culminated in a bitter sweet victory that I’ll forever be proud of.

Somehow I withstood this horrible illness; spending the subsequent years trying to recover my energy, health and happiness.  Remarkably, I overcame Meningitis, Sepsis and the ensuing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome without accurate medical diagnoses or treatment. I’ve since dedicated years of utter determination and hard work to build up my stamina again. I now run 8km each day.

While I've survived & thrived, I was once knocked down & struggled to get back up.

But I said ‘Never Again’.

Yes it’s true. I had the EXACT same self-doubts as you, as well as the same excuses, concerns and challenges. But after experiencing a sequence of tragedy and adversity, I CHOSE to BECOME THE SUN THAT WOULDN’T SHINE. With all my life experience, I’ve picked up some extremely powerful, and totally learnable, strategies along the way that help overcome life’s challenges and adversities.

Because, here’s the thing, you can learn everything there is to know about life, but if you never learn how to get on top of the stuff going on inside your own head, every challenge you face on your journey will seem insurmountable.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn right from the start with Mindset Mastery!

Looking at me now

I’m really proud.

I’ve had HUGE challenges; so the fact I’ve survived in itself makes me proud. But what makes me even prouder, is that I’ve come out of it all with a positive and powerful purpose of helping thousands of other people to survive and thrive in the face of difficulties and challenge. I’ve acquired insurmountable strength that has enabled me to overcome challenge after challenge, and create amazing things along the way. Clearly I’m not the victim of my circumstances – but rather the VICTOR of my circumstances. The biggest victory is that I’ve made it to the other side healthy and happy and can help others who need the help that I once needed!

I’m no longer the only person benefiting from my incredible mindset. In fact, I have helped thousands of people overcome their own challenges. And I know I can help you master your mindset too!

Here's the Truth...

If you want to…

  • Learn smart, effective mindset strategies
  • Achieve more happiness irrespective of your circumstances
  • Be FREE to live your life the way you truly want to
  • Know how to flip adversity to ensure you survive & thrive
  • Enjoy the fulfillment of personal growth and power; and
  • Make an impact on the world and people around you through a happier and more positive mindset

Then you NEED Mindset Mastery.

So What Exactly IS

Mindset Mastery?

Mindset Mastery is an online coaching treasure trove where I make all my strategies, skills, tools and inspiration EXCLUSIVELY available for you to break through adversity, foster a strong and positive mindset, and live a happy life!

I keep it nice & simple! You can select the content you want to watch, read or view and I keep updating it every month. It isn’t ‘school’ so there aren’t ‘LESSONS’ or work for you – instead, it’s a positive, happy and safe place to escape the problems of life and the world; for powerful inspiration, content and strategies that you can access any time whether that be proactively, to keep you in a happy and confident space, or when you feel overwhelmed with life’s challenges, like you’ve taken the wrong turn or feel like giving up! With Mindset Mastery, I make myself available for you anytime you need me; even when you’re lying awake at night. You’re not in life alone!

What to Expect

With Mindset Mastery

You’ll get all the tools and support you need to shift your perspective, deal with your challenges and stay on track! It’s seriously helpful advice to get you back on track FAST, like:

  • How to overcome self doubt and stop overthinking everything
  • How to banish that mean little voice inside your head for good
  • How to stay consistent and motivated to get things done
  • How to tackle your biggest mindset barriers
  • How to deal with setbacks and hard times
  • How to be resilient and start each day strong
  • How to recognize fear over reality
  • And, so much more!


And I’m here for you.

When you join, you’ll become a different person than before; a happier, more powerful and more positive person. That’s a promise.

Get Direct Access to Me! 

Join me for REAL and RAW self-help! I’m a really busy person, but I make myself available for YOU. Together we’ll work through any challenges you’d like to share, I’ll offer practical advice and give you feedback. That’s an incredible opportunity to ask me questions and get my answers. Direct support to keep you accountable and motivated! This is something I don’t offer ANYWHERE else!

Get My Inspiring Videos!

You’ll get MONTHLY ACCESS to my Mindset Mastery Video Library. A series of powerful and entertaining videos that walk you through my proven strategies to get focused, stay motivated and break through any challenge you face. I’m talking quick, practical and effective tools to keep you on track and help you bust through your doubts, self-imposed limitations and insecurities.

Get My Wisdom 24/7!

You’ll get MONTHLY ACCESS to my extensive Digital Quotes Library. I’m renowned for my powerful and uplifting self-empowerment and travel quotes, and with this access, you get to view all of them in the one place for unlimited and renewed motivation and inspiration!

Get My Ebooks!

Get MONTHLY ACCESS to My Digital Ebook Library for my popular, inspirational books that normally retail at $44.97 each! I’ve had raving reviews for these and you get them all FREE here as part of your access. They help you take action, build important momentum and get the most out of all my mindset-shifting resources.

Exclusive Content!

You’ll get ALL NEW self-empowerment and travel quotes, videos, books and tips as they happen! I’m continually creating new content to motivate and inspire people. As a Mindset Mastery member, you’ll be THE FIRST to get all these, unseen by anyone else! Fresh motivational content to help you on a daily basis.

Exclusive Access!

THE BEST PART is you’ll get ACCESS to ME and become part of a great community of like-minded people who are doing something great for themselves. It’s an incredible group of people with the same goals as you, ready to support you and cheer you on. This is truly where the magic happens!

JOIN NOW to get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to two of my best selling mindset products for the journey!

Morning Mindset Routine. This is a simple, tightly edited routine of the few steps I swear by to start my day in the best possible way and now I’m sharing it with you!

Alana’s Affirmations. The essential keys to shift your mindset and build your confidence! Over 10,000 people have already implemented these strategies and now it’s your turn. It’s ready and waiting in the Digital Ebook Library when you need an extra boost of self-belief!

I’ve achieved AMAZING things & inspire thousands to do the same!

  • Overcame meningitis, sepsis and chronic fatigue syndrome WITHOUT accurate medical diagnoses or treatment.
  • Wrote and published several inspiring books
  • Beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to run 8km every day
  • Inspired hundreds of thousands of people with my self help & travel content
  • Co-created a national group of companies
  • Co-created Australia’s most popular & exciting holiday and travel site
  • Gave away free holidays and products to make others happy!
  • Met & befriended celebs including Sarina Russo, Kate Ceberano, Allan & Barbara Pease, Darren Lehmann, Mike Amor & many more.
  • Achieved happiness and fulfillment irrespective of all the adversity I’ve experienced in my life.

My promise to you…

The one thing I know for sure is that no one does anything great alone. And when you’re going through life, with any challenges, personal pain or adversity, it can be a lonely game. The best news is that on this journey with me it’s not lonely at all! I want you to feel super supported and accountable 24/7 as you tackle everyday life. I’m really here for you. That’s my promise!


My VIDEO LIBRARY with powerful inspiration and strategies to break through any challenge you face.
POWERFUL ADVICE to get focused, stay motivated and overcome adversity.
My DIGITAL EBOOK LIBRARY including all my published and upcoming self-development Ebooks to keep you inspired and in-action!
ALL NEW MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES as they happen! You’ll be the FIRST to see them!
DAILY TIPS to foster a Positive and Powerful Mindset.

Make Life Better!



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