Overcoming Meningitis

By dfg dfgJanuary 13, 2024
In January 2017, I was handed a massive challenge where I could either sink or swim. I contracted a horrid illness that was Meningitis; not that I was accurately diagnosed at that time, which made it massively difficult and life threatening.
My diagnosis came over a year later, in another state, retrospectively given all that I had been through and the symptoms I recounted. By not getting help or treatment from doctors (only bewildering misdiagnoses) I was then left with debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other problems that felt so debilitating that for a long time, I exhausted myself attempting to cut up an onion.
In all this time, I had lost weight due to the illness, fought back with every ounce of determination I had, built my muscle, built my athleticism, mastered my mindset and kept working on my businesses, even when it had to be from my bed or lying on the couch with my computer because I didn't have the energy to sit up.
All of this wasn't easy. In fact, it was bloody difficult. What made it even worse though, was the fact that doctors missed the hallmark signs and symptoms, leaving me in a situation early on where I was dealing with a life threatening illness with no idea what to do or what was happening! Not knowing was incredibly difficult. Time is critical when dealing with Meningitis and Sepsis, so to be in this situation without western medical help or treatment, was dreadful.
The day after it struck, I remember dragging myself across the road to an acupuncturist. I remember how rapidly I was breathing, feeling so breathless and weak and yet it was literally across the road from my home! I felt completely out of it and told him with tears welling that something was wrong and I needed urgent help.
The acupuncturist took one look at me, and could see how unwell I was. By this time, my nails had already turned completely white due to the ferocity of the infection and my body's overwhelming response to it. I had turned yellow, my heart was racing due to fighting the infection and I was really struggling to get blood flow to my extremeties. I really should have been in hospital.
He swung into gear fast and administered acupuncture with moxibustion, which is a form of heat therapy that warms and invigorates the flow of Qi in the body and dispels certain pathogenic influences, which he did for well over an hour! My bold decision proved crucial. Acupuncture enabled me to start fighting back when no one else helped me. It was still a struggle, but without it, things would have been much worse.
In my case, it wasn't doctors who saved me or assisted me through this ordeal, because they missed it... they got it wrong. Even in my severely weakened state, it ended up being ME and my own decisions and ACTIONS that made the difference.
The point is that YOU are the one who can change your life. That power is immense. You can seek out people to help you. When one door shuts, it doesn't have to stay shut. You can knock that damn door down, or you can find another door to open and get the outcome you need. You can make quick thinking decisions, dig deep, find your courage, and seek out the help you need to make your life better.
I have since been talking with Anthony Field of the Wiggles on the phone, who has also been through Meningitis. We have helped each other enormously by sharing our experiences and our individual actions in overcoming it. See the article HERE.
Don't be afraid to TAKE ACTION and do what it takes to survive, thrive and be happy. Be your own best friend.


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