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In this modern era, having enough sleep can be really hard! It’s not just because our modern lives are getting faster and faster. Did you know that one of the biggest causes of lack of sleep is due to something called blue light exposure? Blue light is all around us, but the main blue light sources are displays. And we’re surrounded by them. Blue light displays include televisions, mobile phones, tablets and computers – just to name a few. The reason for your eye strain and lack of satisfactory, revitalising sleep is blue light exposure!


It’s only when you don’t get enough of it, that you realise how important sleep really is.

In case you didn’t know, humans are naturally wired to spend one third of their lifetime sleeping, which means that in a year, a person spends approximately 120 days sleeping.

Why is it so important?

In short, sleep is vitally important because it:
– enables your body to recover itself
– allows your mind to process information from the past day
– makes you relax and de-stress
– enables your brain to get some rest (when rested it works faster on cellular level)
– makes you to feel amazing afterwards.

Yet 68% percent of people can’t fall asleep at least once weekly. Be sure not to be one of them.


We all love our devices – but many people don’t realise that blue light travels through the whole eye, putting almost every single part of it at risk.

Two of the most common problems regards the blue light and our eyes are:

Digital eyestrain– Blue light causes less contrast, which strains our eyes. Strained eyes have to focus harder, may become sore, and vision becomes blurry and shaky. That’s NOT good.

Macular degeneration– A condition which makes your eye’s photoreceptors die away slowly. This condition is mostly due to age, but blue light compounds the problem. According to recent research, it’s found that highly energised blue light triggers the production of a toxic chemical that boosts eye degeneration.


Due to the reliable lenses, these glasses filter out all the harmful blue light. Say goodbye to insomnia and strained eyes caused by it. The highly effective lenses are secured tightly into the lightweight and durable frame.

They are perfect for people who want (or have) to spend a lot of time in front of displays, so that you can prevent eye strain and degeneration. They will help your eyes focus, which will improve your productivity levels. They will ensure the safety and continued functioning of your eyes and the facilitation of better sleep.

They’re easy to use – be sure to put them on at least an hour before going to bed to ensure yourself some deep and satisfying sleep plus the feeling of freshness whenever you wake up.

You can also use them whenever you are in prolonged contact with displays, so that you can prevent eye strain and degeneration.

It’s good that you are aware of the dangers of the excessive blue light and are empowered to protect yourself and your family from it.


When it comes to blue light exposure, there are two options to choose from to ensure your protection. (1) Stay away from all the displays and avoid blue light entirely (definitely effective while you do it, but honestly, it’s not really sustainable nor socially inclusive if you want a quality life); or (2) You can BLOCK that blue light (and all the worries about what it’s doing to your health), with these fashionable Blue Light Blocking Glasses!

The best antedote to fear, is action; so if you’re worried you’re not getting enough sleep and worried about the harm that blue light exposure is doing to your eyes, then the best way to combat that fear is to DO something about it. Also, the most effective action is proactive action – correct the issue, before the issue becomes a bigger and far more costly problem.

Product Information:

  • Item Type: Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  • Frame Material: Acetate
  • Lens Material: PC
  • Frame Width: 142 mm
  • Lens Size: 33 x 54 mm
  • Features: Anti-Glare Glasses, Optic Glasses, Computer Glasses

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